Video addresses offering inspiration and hope.

Beecher Hunter shares a message of hope, encouragement, and celebration of our blessings. The themes emphasize that true joy arises from obedience to God and is best measured through service to others.

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240 Miles On A Lawnmower
A Hug For An Orphan (Christmas 2019)
A Letter To Heaven (Pre-Christmas 2019)
A People Possessed - Memorial Day 2016
A Place for the Weary
A Portrait of You
A Prayer For Life
A Precious Commodity
A Rider's Helping Hand
A Search for Love, Respect and Dignity
A Soft Answer
A Study Of Time
A Tonic for the Soul
A Visit To The Antique Store
A Welcome for Wiesel
All Night Bus Ride
All The Money In The World
Alzheimer's Prayer
America the Beautiful
Amish and Forgiveness
An Old Man's Sketches
An Undeserving Inventor
And Then Some
And Then Some
Attitude Is Everything
Be an Imitator of God
Beautiful Stories of Love
Because We Believe
Beecher's Farewell Address
Believing in Ourselves
Benefits of Laughter
Better Than Rubies
Beware Of Flattery
Blackberry Pickin'
Bloom Where Planted
Build Up One Another
Business as Usual-Easter 2014
Characteristics We Need
Christmas 2013
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2017
Christmas in a Farmhouse
Clean Your Windows
Climbing Chrysolite
Creation of the Safety Pin
Dare Mighty Things
Dealing With Fear
Dealing With Why? Questions
Deity Is In The Details
Dishwashing Lessons
Distrust Aboard a Ship
Don't Give Up
Dying Alone in a Crowd
Enjoying The Roses
Expect The Unexpected
Finding Contentment In Life
Finding Diamonds In The Field
Forgiving Trespasses
Four Camels in a Needle
Four Camels in a Needle
Franklin On The Aid Of God
Freedom Isn't Free - July 4th
From a Stain to a Waterfall
Give What You Have
Giving Apples Away
Giving God A Hand
Giving To Others
Golf And The Proper Form
Hand of Jesus
Help Across The Street
Help People Win
Helping The Helper
Heroes and Role Models
How Johnny Was Changed
How To Miss A Blessing
Howling At The Moon
Importance of Trust
Independence Day 2013
Is Anybody Happier?
Is It Your Best
Jesus With Skin On
Just Do It
Just One Step Short
Just Ordinary Paper
Kate Walker - Mind the Light
Kindness Often Overlooked
Knowledge of Love
Labor Day 2015
Ladder To Your Dreams
Lasting Mark
Lawrence Welk
Learning From Apollo 11
Learning to Wait
Leaving A Legacy
Lesson In A Garage
Let The Past Be the Past
Life and Happiness
Life Changing Occurence
Living In Harmony
Location Destination Course
Lost In The Fog
Love That Stoops
Maintain Your Focus
Make A Grateful Pumpkin
Make Way for Uncle No-Name
Making A Difference
Making Violins
Meeting God Anywhere
Memorial Day
Memorial Day 2015
Memorial Day 2017
Monument To The Boll Weevil
National Nursing Home Week
National Nursing Home Week 2017
National Prayer Day 2016
New Years 2014
New Years 2016
New Years 2017
New Year's 2018
Only Imagine
Opera House
Opie And Aunt Bee
Our Grand Old Flag
Our Obsession With Stuff
Passion Of The Patriot
Peanut Mystery
Philosophy On The Ice
Pictures That Abide Brings
Possibilities Unlimited
Power of Attitude
Power of Right Choices
Powerful Lighthouse Beams
President On His Knees
Pull Buddy Pull
Put First Things First
Railroad In The Clouds
Ray Charles
Real Deal
Reasons To Be Thankful
Refusing to Accept Failure
Rescue In A Snowstorm
Road to Success
Running The Wrong Race
Scary Ride In The Park
Seeking Your Dreams
Sending the Bug Letter
Sharing in Thankfulness
Shunning Certain Fame
Skipping Pebbles
Solutions to Our Problems
Spilling Your Coffee
Springing To The Door
Staying In The Light
Staying In The Sunshine
Strawberries And Cream
Strength From The Struggle
Succeeding At Failure
Surprise Of The Scarves
Sweet Land of Liberty
Swinging At The Ball
Talking To The Heart
Tall Tree In The Forest
Testing Ones Aim
Thank A Veteran
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2015
Thanksgiving 2016
Thanksgiving 2017
The Bull's Eye is Hittable
The Cello And Tears
The Christmas Love Story
The Evidence of God
The Focus on the Babe
The Forgetful Mother
The Giving Tree
The Gratitude Attitude
The Heart Of Caring
The Impact of Questions
The Law of the Harvest
The Legend Of Cliff Young
The Legend of the Dogwood
The Lost Manuscript
The Measure of Greatness
The Poor Man Fishing
The Price of a Desk
The Rock In The Field
The Start for Ray Charles
The Value Of Listening
The Watches Started It All
The Work of a Blind Hymnist
There's More Beyond
This Little Light of Mine (New Year's - 2020)
Tokens Of Remembrance
Triumph of a Janitor
Turn On The Headlights
Turtle on the Fence Post
Veteran's Day 2013-National Cemetery
Veterans Day 2014
Veterans Day 2014
Veteran's Day 2016
Veteran's Day-National Cemetery
Washington Monument
What A Friend
What Hercules Learned
What Keeps Us Going
What Will 2015 Bring
What You Feed the Mind
Who Are These People-Nurses Week 2015
Who's Your Boss
Will Work For Food
Wisdom from a Knuckleballer
Wisdom From Dr. King
Wisdom on the High Trapeze
Wit and Wisdom
Your Conviction Counts
Your Power Center