Devotions to encourage and uplift the soul.

Beecher Hunter shares a message of hope, encouragement, and celebration of our blessings. The themes emphasize that true joy arises from obedience to God and is best measured through service to others.

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10 Commandments of Stress Reduction
10 Expressive Words
10 Things about Getting Older
117,000 Books on Camel Backs
12 Canons of Conduct
140 Miles for a Friend
14 Shaved Heads
188 Days in Space
2004 Award Winners
2005 Award Winners
2008 DON Awards
240 Miles on a Lawnmower
26,000 Daily Gifts
2 a.m. Wake-Up Calls
2 Fences 2 Feet Apart
2 Great Trumpeters
2 Views of the Canyon
2 Visions of Peace
37 Years of Service
3 Characteristics We Need
4 Boys on a Street Corner
4 Camels in a Needle
5 Dollars for a Scraggly Cat
6-Year-Old Boy Surfs for the First Time
7-Ups of Life
80 Miles for Breakfast
A $175 Dress
A 17-Year-Old's Last Words
A $50,000 Request
A 911 Call about Vacation
A Baby on the Track
A Baby's Hug
A Baccalaureate Prayer
A Back-Seat Revelation
A Badge of Honor
A Bag Full of Money
A Bag of Potatoes
A Bag of Tools
Abandonment on Everest
A Barrel for 50 Cents
A Bath of Forgiveness
Abbreviated Journey
A Bearded Stranger Walked In
A Bear Hug That Saved Lives
A Beautiful Apology
A Bed Thrice Unmade
A Billionaire's Insight
A Bitter Melon
A Blessing to Ye
A Blocked Vision
A Book Thrown Away
A Boss or a Leader
A Bottle and a Doll
About That Flood
About That Garden
About Those Inheritances
A Boxer's Decision
A Box of Kisses
A Boy Named Juan
A Boy on a Mission
A Breakfast Surprise
A Breakfast That Saved a Life
A Brick for the Jaguar
A Brickyard Miracle
A Broken Left Hand
A Brother in the Hole
A Brown Paper Bag
A Builder or a Wrecker
A Bull Rider with Faith
A Bump in the Night
A Burning Coat
A Busboy's Reward
A Cabbie to the Rescue
A Call for Gratefulness
A Call for Wellness
A Call to Truman
A Career Ruled by Honesty
A Carrot, an Egg and Coffee
A Carrot for the King
A Car to be Towed
A Cascade of Problems
A Case of Courage
A Case of Hoarseness
Accepting the Disabled
Accidental Wedding Invitation
Accosted by Robbers
A Celebrated Sneeze
A Celebration of Labor
A Celebration of Love
A Challenge to Aim High
A Championship Skater
A Changeling Eagle
A Charm on a Ribbon
A Checkup for Leaders
Achieving at a High Level
A Child Called 'It'
A Child's Prayer
A Child Suddenly Alone
A Chinese Gem
A Chinging Sound
A Chocolate Spill
A Choice for Righteousness
A Choice to Make
A Christian Witness' Job
A Classic Doorstop
A Classic Want Ad
A Cleaning Woman's Epiphany
A Cloud That Saved Thousands
A College Dream Fulfilled
A Comma Can Matter
A Contented Life
Acorn or Pumpkin
A Courageous Move
A Courthouse and Raindrops
A Cow's Example
A Creed for John Wooden
Acres of Diamonds
A Cricket in the City
A Crowd Seeking Forgiveness
Acting Like a Family
Act of the Druggist
Acts of Kindness
A Dad Who Would Not Quit
A Daily Prayer
A Day for Cheryl
A Day for CNAs
A Day for Lovers
A Day for Prayer
A Day for Smiths
A Day for Trails
A Day Honoring Work
A Day of Praise
A Day of Prayer
A Day to Celebrate
A Day to Honor You
A Day to Pray
A Day With the Lord
Adding Life to Work
Add Value to Others
A Deal with God
A Demonstration of Love
A Desire to Conduct
A Diamond in the Rough
A Different Drug Problem
A Different Prayer
A Dime Too Much
A Dinner Surprise
Adjusting to Problems
Admitting Mistakes
Adolph Coors
Adoption Month
A Dream Built on Free Ice Water
A Dream Come True
A Dream of Wants
Advantages of Being Cheerful
Advent and Messiah
Adversity Motivates
Advice for a Golf Pro
Advice for Margaret
Advice from a Quaker
Advice from Barber Joe
Advice from Henry Ford
Advice from Perot
Advice from Robinson Crusoe
Advice from Shakespeare
Advice from the King of Swing
Advice from the Monks
Advice from Warren Buffett
Advice of a Grandfather
A Failed Comeback
A Faithful Foxhound
A Faithful Servant
A Fall on the Ice
A Family Affair
A Family Lost and Alone
A Family Ride on a Fire Truck
A Fanatic for the Phantom
A Father and Teacher
A Father
A Father's Love
A Favor Repaid
A Feeling for Others
A Festival of Love
A Finish on Crutches
A Firefighter's Mettle
A Flag Discovery
A Flat Tire and a Ministry
A Flight to Freedom
A Forgetful Mother
A Formula for Living
A Fortunate Layoff
A Fred Astaire Driver
A Frustrating Call
After Easter
After the Storms
A Garden That Teaches
A General
A General's Advice
A General's Testimony
A Giant Called N'Tschambi
A Gift Called Life
A Gift for Max
A Gift to Save a Sister
A Glass of Milk
A Godly Touch
A Golden Rule State
A Golfer's Gift
A Good Guy of Sports
A Good Neighbor
A Good Reputation
A Good Tonic
A Grateful Dog
A Great American
A Hair-Eating Doll
A Hand at Work
A Hand from John Wayne
A Handy Way to Pray
A Hang-up for the Artist
A Hard-Won Achievement
A Haven in the Rain
A Heart to Help
A Heavenly Salute
A Helping Hand from Edison
A Hero's Life
A Hitchhiking Statue
A Horse
A Horseshoe Bank
A Hot Pink Bicycle
A Hot Rodder
A House for Katherine Red Feather
A House He Never Lived In
A Hug for an Orphan
A Hug for the Babe
A Hug from Sweetness
A Hug Put the Gun Away
A Hurricane Prayer
A Husband's Sacrificial Love
A Hymn Beneath the Sea
Airlifting a Bottle of Aspirin
A Job Without Pay
A Key for Leaders
A Kindness to the Ducks
A King Learns Obedience
A Kiss and a Goal
A Kiss of Kindness
A Kiss on the Front Porch
A Knight's Vigil
A Knock at the Door
A Lady of Glitz and Glamor
Alarm Clock Inside the Wall
Alarms Turned Off
A Lasting Legacy
A Launching Pad
A Lawsuit against God
Alcides Moreno - A True Miracle
A Legacy of Bubba Smith
A Legend in Caring
A Lemon and Laughter
A Lesson by the Bathtub
A Lesson for Mark Twain
A Lesson for the Teller
A Lesson from Lincoln
A Lesson from Socrates
A Lesson from Uncle Carl
A Lesson in Chocolate
A Lesson in Fishing
A Lesson in Forgiveness
A Lesson in Sheep Calling
A Letter to Heaven
A Letter to Santa
Alexander the Great
Alice in Wonderland
A Life for Mary
A Life of Inspiration
A Life of Selling Onions
A Life of Service
A Life Packed Full
A Life
A Lifetime Too Short
A Life without Limbs
A Lighted Carpet in the Sea
A Light in the Window
A Light through the Storm
Ali's Greatest Lesson
A Listening Heart
A Little Effort Required
A Little Extra
A Little Girl's Prayer
A Little Kinder
A Little Less of Me
A Little Paintball
A Little Salt, Please
A Living Anatomy Lesson
All Because of a Shoebox
All for a Hat
All-Night Bus Ride
All of Us Are in Debt
Allowing the Passion
All Roads Lead Home
All-Star with Humility
All the Money in the World
All Up in the Air
All Work Has Dignity
A Loaned Boot
A Log in the River
Alone on an Island
A Look Back at Easter
A Look Into the Future
A Lost Opportunity
A Love Letter a Week
A Love Letter to You
A Love Note by the Deathbed
A Love Sonnet
Alumnus Returns Diploma
Always Able to Talk
Always Middle C
A Maiden of the Night
A Major Leap
A Man by the Name of Null
A March on the Popsicle Company
A Mark of Professionalism
Amassing Treasures
A Matter of Empathy
A Matter of Trust
A Matter of Unity
Amazing Doodlebug
Amazing Stories
A Meal for the Preacher
A Meal of Turnip and Mud
America's First Billionaire
America the Beautiful
A Message on a Tombstone
A Message to God
A Midlife Change of Heart
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God
A Ministry of Mercy
A Miracle at Christmas
A Moment of Decision
A Mother Forgives
A Mother
A Mother's Faithful Praying
A Mother's Love
A Mother's Prayer
A Mother's Solemn Promise
A Motivator, a Leader
A Mountain of Work
A Mystery in Everyone
An Act Greater than Tennis
An Act of Congress
An Advocate for Us
An Age
An Airborne Stump
An Alphabet for the Blind
Analysis in a Theater
An Amazing Feat
An Amazing Football Comeback
An Amazing Kick
A Name That Tipped the Scales
An Angel in the House
An Angel on Earth
An Arm around the Shoulder
An Armload of Wood
An Attitude of Gratitude
An Avalanche Ahead
And God Rested
And the Angels Sang
And the Doc Sang
And the Drops Kept Coming
And Then Some
And the Rooster Crowed
And the Waitress Said
An Easter Miracle
An Easter Present
A Needed Adjustment
An Empty Chair by the Bed
An Encounter with Socrates
An Epitaph for Warren
An Evening with Mom
A New Baby, A New Year
A New Baby
A New Location
A New Suit for the Coach
A New Year Prayer
A New Year's Prayer
An Extraordinary Life
An Extra S Brings Ruin
Angel on a Harley
Angels on Flight 859
Anger at the Ticket Counter
An Honest Old Cow
An Honor for Betsy
A Night in the Hospital
A Night to Slow Down and See
An Impatient World
An Imperfect Clock
An Important Personal Question
An Improbable Shot
An Inaccurate Clock
An Incredible Thought
An Indian Prayer
An Insult to a Plebe
Annual DON Awards
Annual Meeting 2010
Annual Meeting Begins
An Obituary to Chuckle About
A Noble Pursuit
An Old Farmer
An Old Farmer's Advice
An Old Man's Sketches
An Old Washtub
An Olympic Champion
Anonymous Angel
An Opportunity Missed
An Order from the Battleship
A note from Beecher Hunter
A Note in a Washroom
Another 108-Year Old
Another Day in the Office
Another Hurricane
A Not-So-Free Fall
An Outstanding Nurse
An Overheard Conversation
An Uncommon Garment
An Undeserving Inventor
An Unexpected Blessing
An Unusual Calling
An Unusual Crime
An Unusual Job Interview
An Uplifting Influence
An Upset Apple Stand
Anything for Sugar
A One Dollar and 11 Cents Miracle
A Paid-For Mocha
A Party for a Prostitute
A Party With a Twist
A Passionate Flight Attendant
A Passion for People
A Passion to Serve
A Pear Tree Falls
A People Possessed
A Performance Like No Other
A Person of Truth
A Picture of a Hand
A Picture of Family
A Picture of Peace
A Picture of Perfect Peace
A Picture of True Love
A Pilot Sacrifices
A Pilot Took a Stand
A Pin in the Head
A Place for the Weary
A Place in Church
A Plan in the Tragedy
A Plea for Forgiveness
A Plea for Help
A Plea to Save an Enemy
A Poetic Tribute
A Police Surprise
A Polynesian Sister
A Portrait of You
A Positive Image
Apostle with the Bleeding Feet
Applauding the Heroes of September 11
Appointed to Thank
Appraisal of the Indians
Appreciation, Please
Approving Words
A Prayer for a Husband
A Prayer for Life
A Prayer for the Middle Aged
A Prayer for the New Year
A Prayer for Us
A Prayer for You
A Prayer in the Snow
A Prayer in the Woods
A Prayer of Love
A Prayer on the Scales
A Precious Calling
A Precious Commodity
A Precious Stone
A President on His Knees
A President's Prayer for the Nation
A Priest's Legacy
A Priest's Secret Sin
April Foolish Questions
April Fools Day
A Principal Weighs In
A Principle for Success
A Printing Job Lost
A Problem or an Opportunity
A Promise for the Ages
A Promise Kept
A Psalm for Google Maps
A Psalm of Life
A PS, Please
A Push from Walt
A Quarterback's Dream
A Question for the Bear and Woody
A Question from Snoopy
A Question of Love
A Question Worth 95 Points
A Quiet and Holy People
A Railroad in the Clouds
A Real Public Servant
A Reason for Doing
A Reason to be Thankful
A Reason to Live
A Rebuke for America
A Recipe for Life
A Record
A Refuge for Cowper
A Relative of God
A Remarkable Love
A Reminder from God
A Request for a Nickel
A Rescuer of Women
A Resolution for You and Me
Are These on Your Thankful List
A Reunion After 23 Years
A Review of Your Day
A Reward for Service
Are You a Flame
Are You Crossing Over
Are You Selling Salt
Argument at the Gate
A Ride from a Stranger
A Rider's Helping Hand
Army Guide to Leadership
A Rockne Principle
A Role to Play
A Rope for an Elephant
A Rose for Grammy
Arresting the Deacon
Art for the Emperor
Art of Loving
Art on a Rented Typewriter
A Rule of Leadership
A Runner in Charleston
A Sacrificial Call for Bombs
A Sacrificial Mother
A Salary Story
A Salute at the Graveside
A Salute from Durante
Ascending to Heaven
A Score on Hospitality
A Scorpion's Sting
A Search by the King
A Seat in Church
A Seat on the Bus
A Secure Leader
A Sermon with No Words
A Shining Stone in the Sun
A Ship on a Reef
A Ship Sets Sail
A Shock for the Parish
A Shoemaker
A Short-sighted Bishop
A Shout from the Innkeeper
A Sign from the North Pole
A Sign of Security
A Sign on a Farmhouse
A Sign to a Hurting Child
A Simple Prayer
A Sin Found Out
A Singer
A Single Ray of Light
A Sip In Time
As Kids See Things
Ask the Customer
Ask the Question
Asleep on the Track
A Slow Vote Coming
A Smile from Heaven
A Smile from the Dugout
A Snazzy Jaguar
A Snowfall in April
A Soft Answer
A Soldier's Dying Wish
A Soldier's Plea
A Solution from Franklin
A Solution of the Signs
A Song in the Soul
A Song Out of Tragedy
A Song Saves a Life and Career
A Song the Crowd Saved
A Song to Save Babies
A Sonnet for Lovers
A Special Journey
A Special Season
A Speech Based on Error
A Sporting Wager
A Springtime Study
Assisting Others
Associates Honored at AMM
Assurance in the Swamp
Assured About Heaven
A Star in the Window
A Star's Confession
A Star Trek Encounter
A Statue's Missing Hands
As the Twig is Bent
A Story for the Ages
A Story of 2 Lives
A Story of Enduring Love
A Story of Love
A Strange Car Named Dino
A Strange Sight at the Altar
A String of Big Fish
A Stroke for Honesty
A Struggle in the Dark
A Successful Life
A Summer in the Hayfields
A Sure Anchor
A Sure Investment
A Surgeon's Success
A Surprise in the Dark
A Surrendered Life
A Survey on Success
A Sweet Serenade
A Table for Two
A Tale of 2 Duck Hunters
A Tale of Butter
A Tale of the Lost Necklace
A Tale of Two Horses
A Taste of Heaven
A Tattered Note Changed a Life
A Teacher of Writers
A Teacher
A Team of Horses
A Temple of God
A Tennis Whiz
A Test of Integrity
A Thanksgiving Prayer
A Thank-You Economy
A Theft of Bread
A Thief With Scruples
A Third Hurricane
A Thoughtful Choice
A Tide of Love and Unity
A Timely Gift
A Titanic Coincidence
A Tonic for the Soul
A Tool Called Tact
A Top 10 List for Aging
A Touch from the Father
A Tough and Gentler Father
A Town's Lost Opportunity
A Tragic Car Chase
A Traveler's 'Aha!' Moment
A Treasure Discovered
A Tree against the Sunset
A Tribute to Nurses
A Trip to the Farm
A Truce between the Trenches
A Trumpeter's Fate
Attention to Birds
Attention to Hair
Attitude Adjustment
Attitude Is Everything
Attitude of Gratitude
A Turnaround at Blue Lake Camp
A Turning Point for Nixon
Authority in the Chicken Line
Author of The Fork
Auto Racer
Autumn Arriving
Autumn Brings Her Gifts
Autumn Comes to the Cove
Autumn Cometh
Autumn's Debut
A Very Private Concert
A View from Higher Ground
A Vision in Tower 1
A Visit to the Old School
Avoid Exaggeration
Avoiding Shipwreck
Avoiding the Avalanche
Avoid the Whelks
A Wagon and a Pony Named Paddy
A Walk to the Guillotine
A Walk with God
A Wandering Minstrel
Award for Dumpster Diving
Awareness of Leadership
A Wartime Chance
A Water Heater Saga
A Way Out of Sorrow
A Way to Say Thanks
A Wedding to Remember
A Weigh of Life
A Welcome for Wiesel
A Welcoming Spirit
A Whoops at the Wedding
A Widow's Revenge
A Wildfire of Words
A Wise and Loving Dad
A Woman and a Fork
A Woman Called Joni
A Woman Named Eartha
A Woman
A Woman Who Cared
A Wonder-Filled World
A Wonderful Life
A Wonder
A Word from Billy Graham
A Word from the General
A World of Silence
A Worry Chart
A Worry for Riggers
A Worthy Resolution
A Wrong Headline
A Yard for Christmas
A Year with Navajos
A Young Woman's Gold Locket
Babe Ruth Calls His Shot
Background of a Star
Back to the Homeland
Back to the Throne
Bad Service, But a Great Tip
Baird wins top honor
Balance Gifts
Balance Your Eggs
Baptized - Topknot and All
Barrows and Graham
Baskets at the Door
Battle Hymn of the Republic
Be a Could Be
Be a Feeder of People
Beagles Can't Climb Trees
Be a Good-Finder
Be a Good Follower
Be a Good One
Be a Great Orchestra Conductor
Be a Great Team Player
Be an Imitator of God
Be an Original
Bear in a Tree
Bearing Another
Bearing our Burdens
Beautiful Stories of Love
Beauty in the Scars
Be Careful about Judging
Because of a Rat
Because We Believe
Becoming Highly Competent
Becoming Possible
Bees in the Attic
Be Happy
Behind-the-Scenes Folks
Behind the Shower Curtain
Being Found Faithful
Being Influential
Being on the Front Line
Being the Best
Being Turned On
Be Kind and Listen
Be Kind Week
Beliefs Lead to Behavior
Believe in Possibilities
Believe in Those You Lead
Believe in Yourself
Believing and Achieving
Believing in Ourselves
Believing Mother's Promise
Be More Than You Are
Ben Hogan
Be of Good Cheer
Be Prepared
Be Ready for the Moment
Be Ready When Called
Berries and Cream
Be Specific with God
Best Job on the Ship
Be Thankful
Be the Best
Better Days Ahead
Better-Tasting Vittles
Better Than Rubies
Better Watch Out!
Better Watch Out
Beware of Flattery
Be Who You Are
Beyond Death's Door
Beyond Just Winning
Beyond the Alps
Beyond the Presents
Beyond the Shark Attack
Beyond the Walls
Bidding the Browns Goodbye
Big Day in the USA
Bill Bradley Listened
Billions or Sight
Billy Graham's New Suit
Births That Changed the World
Bishops Burned at the Stake
Blackberry Cobbler
Blackberry Pickin
Blackberry Pickin'
Blackberry Pickin' Time
Blame and Credit
Blessed Assurance
Blessed by Wise Parents
Blessed in Aging
Blessed Volunteers
Blessings on Ye
Blind and Conquering the Appalachian Trail
Blind Piano Player
Blind Skiers
Blood from the Surgeon
Bloom Where You Are Planted
Bloom where You're Planted
Blown Up and Dropped Downstairs
Bluebird Lights, Bridge Falls
Bob Feller
Bomb Under the Bed
Bon Appetit
Bones in the Church
Bono's Help for the Suffering
Boosting Your Day, and Your Life
Born to Shop
Bound to the Mast
Bread for the Children
Bread in the Front Yard
Bread on the Plate
Breakfast on the Shore
Breaking a Baseball Record
Break It All Down
Bride Wanted Bigger Gift
Bridge Builders
Bridge on the River Kwai
Bridge Over River Kwai
Bridging the Narrows
Brief Moment
Bright Young Leaders
Bringing the Children Home
Bringing the Feast
Bring on the Fiesta
Bring Your Hot Dogs and Guns
Brother in the Trench
Build a Good House
Builder of the Coliseum
Building Block of Character
Building Brooklyn Bridge
Building for Eternity
Building for the Future
Building the Brand
Build Up One Another
Bulletin Bloopers
Bumps in the Path
Burbank and His Purpose
Burger's Homecoming
Buried Under a Parking Lot
Burned Alive for their Faith
Burrow Scores for the Needy
Burying Symbols of Slavery
Business As Usual
Busy but Polite
Busy in Bethleham
Butter Brickle
Buzzard, Bat and Bumblebee
By the Way, Lord
Cable Under the Hood
Cakes and Bags of Shrimp
Call Behind the Plate
Called Out Into the Rain
Called to be Gung-Ho
Called to Help
Calling Forth Life's Riches
Calling of a Shoemaker
Call of the Katydid
Calm Amidst the Storm
Calming a Terrified Trucker
Calming Down a Boy
Calm in the Hurricane
Cal Ripken
Cal Ripken's Example
Candlelight Dinner
Candles by the Roadside
Candy and Kindness
Cane With a Nail In It
Can Money Buy Happiness
Can't Control the Wind
Careers, and Personal Living
Caressing the Bricks
Caring Counts
Car on Train Tracks
Car Out of Control
Carrying the Stone
Carry the Umbrella
Casting Out Fear
Catch a Falling Tear
Catching a Dream
Cattle on a Thousand Hills
Causes for Worry
Celebrate as Age Advances
Celebrating 108 Years
Celebrating Our Nurses
Celebration of Love
Centenarians' Numbers Growing
Challenge of Churchill
Challenging a Pitcher
Challenging the Storm
Changes in the Fiji Islands
Change Your World
Changing a Bad Call
Changing a Taunting Fan
Changing a Tire
Changing a Troublemaker
Changing a Would-Be Assassin
Changing for the Better
Changing Hitching Posts
Changing the Clocks
Character Check
Character Creates Courage
Charles Schulz Philosophy
Charlie Brown's Plea
Charlie's Friend
Charlie the Show Horse
Chasing a Taxi
Chasing the Train
Check This Out
Cheering Both Sides
Cheering the Swimmer
Child Bullied on a Bus
Child of a King
Children's Ideas about Love
Children Write to God
Child Shot in Sarajevo
Chippie the Parakeet
Chocolate Cookies
Choices to Make at a Bus Stop
Choose Hope, Faith
Choosing Love over a Throne
Choosing Not to be Bitter
Choosing to Become a Slave
Choosing to Give Thanks
Christ Brought Changes to the World
Christmas Adorations
Christmas and Memories
Christmas Blues
Christmas, in a Cemetery
Christmas - in a Cemetery
Christmas in a Farmhouse
Christmas Opportunities
Christmas Spirit
Christmas - The Rest of the Story
Christmas Trivia
Christ's Home in Your Heart
Chucking Wood
Church Bloopers
Church Bulletin Bloopers
Churchill and England
Churchill's Boyhood Home
Churchill's Hearing
Cinco de Mayo
Cleaning Up the House
Clean Your Windows
Climbing Chrysolite
Climbing El Capitan
Climbing Mountains
Climbing Up the Ladder
Clutching the Jesus Figurine
CNAs at the Heart of Care
Coincidental Commemoration
Coins in the Loaf
Coins in the Pickle Jar
Colonel Sanders' Plane Episode
Color Amid The Wrinkles
Colorful Bags
Come on, Jesus!
Commandeering the Keyboard
Command on the River
Communication in Marriage
Compassion for a Bus Rider
Compassion for an Enemy
Compassion for the Suffering
Compensating Crash Victims
Concert Interrupted
Concrete Love
Confidence of a Friend
Confronting the Coyote
Confronting the Storm
Confucius Said
Connecting to Customers
Conquering Dragons
Considering Change
Consider the Present
Consider the Warbler
Contagious Enthusiasm
Controlling Anger
Correcting a Dream
Costandi Top Winner
Counting Your Marbles
Courage from Convictions
Courage in a Ditch
Courage in the Storm
Courage of the Titanic Band
Courage Under Fire
Cowboy Good Guy
Crash at the Riverwalk
Creating the Computer
Creation of the Safety Pin
Creator of the Universe
Credit Where Due
Creed of the Lone Ranger
Creepy Little Things
Crossing a Bridge to Freedom
Crossing Niagara Falls
Crossing the River
Crossing the Street
Crowfoot's Railroad Deal
Cultivate a Positive Attitude
Curfew Shall Not Ring Tonight
Currency of Communication
Cursing the Guardrail
Cut Them Loose
Cutting the Ends off Ham
Dangers of Distracted Driving
Daniel's Gloves
Daniel Wins Award
Darcy Hall Spirit
Dare Mighty Things
Daring Rescue Attempt
Dave Dravecky's Faith
Davy Crockett
Day of Mourning
Day of Prayer 2008
Day of Prayer 2009
Day of Prayer 2010
Day of Prayer
Day of Thanksgiving and Praise
Days of Al Capone
Dealing with Difficulties
Dealing With Failure
Dealing with Fear
Dealing With Grief
Dealing with Life's Burdens
Dealing with Temptation
Dealing with the Moles
Dealing with Why
Death of a Champion
Death of a Marine
Death on the Mountain
Debate among the Tools
Declining the Emperor's Offer
Defining a Friend
Defining Courage
Delivery Despite the Cost
Demonstrating Thankfulness
Depending on Abba
Depending on the Compass
Deposit Happiness
Despite the Start, Go Forward
Destined for Greatness
Developing Deep Roots
Developing Our Gifts
Developing the Best
Devotion of the Heart
Diary of Anne Frank
Different People
Digging a Trench
Digging Deep
Digging for a Century Plant
Digging Those Ditches
Dilemma for Houdini
Diligence in the Dark
Dimples on the Ball
Directions from a Drunk
Disarming an Attacker
Disaster on the East River
Discipline for the Skier
Disconnect to Reconnect
Discovery in a Foxhole
Displaying Manners
Dissecting the Frog
Distrust aboard a Ship
Diving into Deep Waters
Diving Into the Pond
Does It Represent You
Dog Days of Summer
Do Good Anyway
Dog or a Lion
Dog Walks on Water
Doing a Body Good
Doing the Impossible
Doing the Little Things
Do It Anyway
DON Award Winners
Donkey in the Well
Do Not Be Surprised
Do Not Try to Fly Solo
Don't Blow an Uncertain Trumpet
Don't Ever Ring the Bell
Don't Give Up on a Dream
Don't Give Up
Don't Jog, Run the Race
Don't Say Too Much
Don't Sell the Farm
Do the Right Thing
Down from the Throne
Down in the Trenches
Do You Feel Plutoed
Do You See What You See
Drama at the Berlin Wall
Drama on a Plane
Drama Outside the Bar
Dravecky's Loss
Drawing People to You
Drawing the Line
Drawn to an Island
Drenched in Hot Soup
Dressed Down by a General
Dress for Success
Dribbling and Disciplines
Driven to Touch and Heal
Dropping the Light Bulb
Dr Seuss Said It
Ducking Out on Lectures
Durant's Mom
Dying Alone - in a Crowd
Early Warning Signal
Earning an A-Plus
Ears to Hear
Easter at Myrtle Beach
Easter Is a Story of Love
Easy to Overlook
Edison and Fishing
Efforts to Correct an Error
Eisenhower's Inaugural Prayer
Elephants of the Circus
Eliminate the Broom
Embrace Your Day
Embracing Spring Again
Emperor Penguins
Empower Your People
Empty Bottles for Mom
Empty Hands
Encounter in Bloomingdales
Encounter with Mother Teresa
Enjoying the Roses
Enjoy What You Have
Enjoy Your Work
Enough Is Enough
Enriching One Another
Entertainment Farming
Entry into Heaven
Escapee Fed Eggs and a Sermon
Escape from a Burning Plane
Escape Plan in Jeopardy
Escape Through a Cemetery
Establishing Your Legacy
Evaluation of Talent
Even in the Dark of Night
Even Superman Ducked
Everybody Submits to Somebody
Everyone Forgets
Example of a Doctor
Example of Lincoln
Example of the Hen
Excellence Still Matters
Excuses from Work
Exercise of Leadership
Expand Your Boundaries
Expecting Enough
Expect the Unexpected
Experiencing a Symphony
Explaining Accidents
Eye-Opening Experiences
Faces to the Coal
Facing a Tormentor
Facing Fear
Facing Mrs. Lincoln
Facing Our Fears
Facing Perils
Facing the Time Before Us
Fadeaway Ding-Dongs
Failure Is a Teacher
Failure on a Streetcar
Fairest of the 4 Sisters
Fairest of the Four Sisters
Faith Amidst Grief
Faith and the Funnybone
Faithful and True
Faith in a Toaster Repair
Faith versus Fate
Fall and Rise of Big Red
Falling Out of Bed
Familiar Hitchhiker
Families Forgive a Murderer
Family Attacked by Pirates
Famous Last Words
Fanfare for Roosevelt
Favor for Hannah
Fear on the Swinging Bridge
Federer Beat the Critics
Fetching a Basket of Water
Fight One More Round
Filling Up Your Life
Finch College Maxims
Finding a Diversion
Finding a GPS for Life
Finding a New Way
Finding Contentment in Life
Finding Diamonds in the Field
Finding Directions
Finding Fault
Finding Financial Freedom
Finding Fish on the Line
Finding Happiness
Finding Joy Amid Crises
Finding Joy Even in Captivity
Finding Our Way Home
Finding Success at Work
Finding the Joy in Life
Finding the Joy in Work
Finding the Mystery of the Peanut
Finding the North Pole
Finding the Right Art
Finding the Way Home
Finding True Happiness
Finding What We Look For
Find the Joy in Life
Find Your Talent
Fine Thread Builds a Bridge
Finishing the Race
Finishing the Work
Finishing Well
Finish the Race Well
Fire at Valley Forge
Fire in the Forest
Fire in the Park
Fire in the Rice Fields
Fire Prevention
Fires on the Prairies
First Place
First-Time Homer
First Words of the Day
First-World Problems
Fisherman and His Wife
Fishing With Father
Fish with 4 Eyes
Five Minutes on the Roof of the World
Five Promises
Fixing a 1929 Airplane
Fixing the Ford
Flag Etiquette
Flames and Dreams
Flawed but Fruitful
Flexibility Matters
Flight of the Bumblebee
Flooding in Osawatomie
Flying in the Fog
Flying Off the Handle
Flying Over the Fire
Flying the Columbine III
Fly With the Mind
Focusing on the Main Thing
Focus on the Mission
Following the Hawk
Following the Judas Goat
Following the Weather Alert
Follow the Code
Follow the Leader
Food Down the Chimney
Food for Thought
Foot in the Cement
For All Who Fly, Some Humor
Forced to Fly
Forecasts That Missed
Forgiveness for a Prostitute
Forgiveness for Simon
Forgiveness in a Prison Camp
Forgiving a Killer
Forgiving an Assailant
Forgiving an Auschwitz Guard
Forgiving a Tormentor
Forgiving Trespasses
Forgotten Your Dreams
For Lovers of Coffee
Formula T + D
For One of the Least
For the Love of the Game
For the Sake of Two
For the Tough Times
For This, I Have Jesus
For Want of a Wall
Foul Words, Broken Vase
Found Sleeping in Church
Four Questions for Direction
Fourteen Hundred Pennies
Franklin and Humility
Franklin on the Aid of God
Freddie Follow-the-Leader
Freedom and the Right
Freedom Is --
Freedom Is
Freighters in the Locks
Frequent Excuses
Friendly - Inside Out
Friendship Under Fire
Frogs in the Spring
From a Coma to a Hero
From a Family View
From a Stain to a Waterfall
From Beyond the Grave
From Blot to Beauty
From Cap to Crown
From Failure to Honors
From Jail to the Rose Garden
From Prison to Riches
From Shipwreck to Success
From Shoebox to Showcase
From Siberia to Rover Launch
From the 17th Floor
From the Heart of Children
From Tragedy to Triumph
From Trial to Triumph
From Tying Shoes to Stardom
From Your Valentine
Frozen Bridge Builders
Fuel for the Soul
Fuel Stops from Yesteryear
Gaming the System
Gathering All the Tools
Geese on the Pond
Gender Benders
Gentle One
George Burns and Happiness
Get the Story Right
Getting Along
Getting Farther Away
Getting it Done
Getting It Right
Getting on the Wrong Plane
Getting Out of a Rut
Getting Out of the Box
Getting Rid of the Rock
Getting the Ball to Scotty
Getting What You Expect
Get Your Kicks in 2006
Gift from a Stranger
Gift of a Wallet
Gifts for Mother
Gifts of May Baskets
Give Credit Where It
Give Him Your Thanks
Give It to God
Give the Kid the Ball
Give Today Your Attention
Give What You Have
Give Yourself Away
Giving Apples Away
Giving Back to Others
Giving Blood to His Sister
Giving Calhoun the Ball
Giving God a Hand
Giving It All
Giving Love Away
Giving One's Best
Giving That Costs
Giving the Very Best
Giving to One Who Can't Give Back
Giving Up a Dream
Giving Up a Room
Giving Up Fame and Big Bucks
Giving Up on a Dream
Giving Up Their Jewelry
Giving Validation
Glimpses of Courage
Glory and Joy in 2015
Goals of Phyllis Diller
God and the Red Sea
God Answers Prayer
God Bless America
God Bless Our Nurses
God Had a Better Idea
God Has a Sense of Humor
God in the Cockpit
God Is Bigger than Your Troubles
God Is for You
God Is Waiting
God Knows Where You Live
God of All Things
God of the Universe
God Reached into a Supermarket
God's Dramatic Display
God Sent a Hot-Water Bottle
God's Good Gifts
God's Great Gifts
God's Greatness
God Showed Up
God's Kingdom on the March
God's Measureless Love
God's One-liners
God Speaks Again
God Speaks Billboards
God's Presence When Hurting
God's Timetable - Not Ours
God Wants to Make You New
God Works in Bad Days
Going for the Gold
Going Where There Are No Roads
Gold Braids for the Navy
Golden Rules for Living
Golden Rules of Communication
Gold in Nevada
Gomer and Mary Grace
Goodbye, Superman
Good Humor
Good Leaders Are Good Followers
Good Listeners
Good Luck or Bad Luck
Good Mental Health
Good Night, Johnny
Good Old-Fashioned Advice
Good Reasons to Smile
Good Times Ahead
Good to Great
Google's Anniversary
Gossip Is Not Funny
Gossip. Just Zip It!
Gossip's Destructive Nature
Got a Case of the Blues
Grace - A Power to Change
Grace in a Basketball Game
Grace of the King
Grade on a Test Paper
Grateful for Problems
Grateful Giving
Gratitude for a Mother
Gratitude for Chute-Packers
Gratitude Sites Popping Up
Gratitude Toward the Fixer
Great Acts of Love
Great Wall of China
Griz and Cat
Groundhog Day Lesson
Groundhog Day
Groundhog Forecast
Grow Antennae
Growing a Garden
Growing Self
Guardian Angels on the Job
Guerrillas Stormed the Chapel
Guess Who Moved
Guiding the Way
Gumption and Motorcycles
Hail, Autumn!
Hail, Autumn
Hammering Hank
Handling an Apology
Handling Criticism
Handling Disappointments
Hanging Apples on the Tree
Happier Living
Happy Anniversary!
Hardest Question in the World
Harmon's 3-Pointer
Harper Wins Secretary Honor
Harris Wins Chairman
Harry the Usher
Harvard, Nasa or Heaven
Have a Better Day
Have a Clean Outlook
Haven in the Hurricane
Having Faith in Others
Headed for the Waterfall
Headed to Panama
Headquarters for Hugs
Healing by Hoeing
Healing from a Clown
Healing from Anger
Healing Hard Feelings
Hearing the Voices of September 11
Hearing what Others Say
Heartbreak, and Long Goodbyes
Heart of a Father
Hearts of Gold
Heaven on Earth
He Climbed in with Us
He Doesn't Quit
Heeding an Inner Voice
Heeding the Warnings
Heed the Warnings
He Gave It All Away
He Gave It His All
He Got Better
He is a God of Beauty
He is a Man
He Knows Your Name
Held Up by Grace
He Learned to Fly
Help across the Street
Help for a Fallen Drunk
Help for a Trucker
Help for Punta Gorda
Help from a Hitchhiker
Help from the Father
Helping 137 Kids
Helping by Not Helping
Helping the Actor
Helping the Helper
Helping the Tooth Fairy
Help Me Help You
Help People Win
Help With the Bags
He Needed Pencils
He Pushed Newton
Her 111th Birthday
Here Be Giants
Her Greatest Moment
Heroes of the Hurricane
Heroes of the West
Heroism in Missouri
Heroism on the Sinking Lusitania
Hero of Harlem
Hero of the Storm
Hero on the Wing of a Plane
He Tore Up the Letter
He Was Unique
He Wouldn't Take No
Hidden from View
Hidden Treasures
Highly Prized Quality
His Bottom Dollar
His Eyes Everywhere
His Finest Hour
His Private Appeal
His Vision - Create a Forest
Hitting the Target
Holding His Hand
Holding the Hand of Jesus
Hole in the Sidewalk
Home Before Dark
Homeland Security
Home on the Range
Honest Anyway
Honesty Is Imperative
Honeycomb Givers
Honey, I Miss You
Honor 123 Years Late
Honoring a Liberator
Honoring an Old Teacher
Honoring Our Fathers
Honoring Our Nation
Honoring Our Nurses
Honoring Our Veterans
Honoring Secretaries
Honoring the American Veteran
Honoring the Worker
Honor Our Secretaries
Honor to Whom Due
Hooray for Cliches
Hope Floats
Hope in a Burn Unit
Hope in the Future
Hordes of Grasshoppers
Horses on the Road
Hot and Cold Springs
Hot time in the old town
House by the Side of the Road
How a Handshake Lost the Masters
How Big Is God
How Can He Forgive
How Character Is Defined
How Did He Live
How Do You Spell God
How God Speaks to Us
How Good and How Pleasant
How Greatness Is Measured
How Hope Impacts Your Thinking
How Johnny Was Changed
Howling at the Moon
How Manila Was Saved
How Sales Made America
How Steep the Hill
How to be Happy
How to Be Miserable
How to Get Along
How to Get to Heaven
How to Miss a Blessing
How to Stay Young
How to Talk Well
How to View Your Job
How We Look at People
How Will the Church Be Lighted
How Will You Be Remembered.docx
How Wireless Saved Lives
How Your Bread Is Buttered
Humbling a Head Coach
Humor Can Make a Serious Difference
Humor in the Bulletins
Hymn Written in a Hedge
I Can - And, She Did
Ice-Cream Sundae
Idea of Michelangelo
I Dream of Jeannie
If Christ Had Not Come
If Clay Can
I Feel Your Pain
If I Knew
If I Only Had a Million
If You Had It to Do Over
If You Were Busy
Ignoring the Alarms
I Got Your Six
I Know How You Feel
I Lay Me Down to Sleep
I'll Be There for You
Ill-Fated Expedition
Ill-Fated Flight
Image and Integrity
Impact Beyond the Grave
Imperfect Christmas Trees
Important Jobs
Improving Your Vision
In a Piano World
Incident on Air Force One
Increase Happiness
Influence Of A Brother
Influence of Pat Summerall
Influence of the Bible
Influence without Words
In Line at Dachau
In Pursuit of a Cadillac
In Pursuit of a Dream
Inscription Inside the Ring
In Search of Light
Inside Punta Gorda
Insight from a Letter
Insight of Helen Keller
Inspiration from a Shut-In
Inspiration on a Tombstone
Instrument of a Leader
Interrupting the Wedding
In the Sweet By and By
In the Waiting Room
In the Wake of the Fire
Intimacy with God
In Tune With God
Invest in a Thank-You Economy
Investing in a Team
Investing Your Time
Irish Blessings for Ye
Irish Blessings to You
Irving Berlin Trick
Is Anybody Happier
I Saw God
Is It Love, or Romance
Is It Your Best
Is that You, Ethel
It Became Personal
It Is Called Work
It is Their Turn
It's About Credibility
It's a Christmas Tree
It's a Matter of Time
It's Called Success
It's Doctors' Day
It's 'Historical'
Its Just One Thing
Its Not My Fault!
It's Our Week
It Started with a Trumpet
It Was an Inside Job
It Was Called a Jeep
Jackie Robinson
Jackie's Estate
Jake Carried the Ball
Jamaica Ambassadors
Jehoshaphat's Secret Weapon
Jesus and the Bird Cage
Jesus and the Chocolate Bar
Jesus with Skin On
Jimmy Rhodes - The Music Man
Jingle Bells at a Funeral
Jockey Beats Horse
Jodie Foster and Popcorn
Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Lingo's Eight-Cow Wife
Johnny Mercer's Class Act
Jonathan Edwards' Resolutions
Jordan's Promise
Journey around the World
Journey Class II
Journey of 2 Teardrops
Judged by a Cape
Judging Right and Wrong
Jumping Into the Jungle
Jumping Out of Airplanes
June Journey
Just a $1 Booklet
Just a Little Moth
Just a Nurse
Just a Simple Pallet
Just Checking In
Just Do It
Just Hang In There
Just Hold On
Just Like Clockwork
Just One of Claude Ogle
Just One Step Short
Just Ordinary Paper
Just Remember
Katydids and Blackberries
Keeping a Hopeful Outlook
Keeping a Promise to Mama
Keeping a Stray Dog
Keeping Cool
Keeping Hope Alive
Keeping It Cool
Keeping It Short
Keeping KISS in Mind
Keeping Lips from Slips
Keeping Our Promises
Keeping the Ax Strong
Keeping Their Vision
Keeping the Promise
Keeping the Right Focus
Keeping Watch
Keep It In Perspective
Keep It Short
Keep Mistakes in Perspective
Keep On Keeping On
Keep the Bigger Picture in Mind
Keep the Lamps Burning
Keep Your Eyes Off the Mirror
Keep Your Fork
Keep Your Head Straight
Keep Your Promises
Keep Your Shirt On
Keys to Success
Keys to Understanding People
Killed on a Path to Heaven
Kindness Often Overlooked
Kindness on a Streetcar
King for a Year
Kissed by the President
Knowing and Doing
Knowing the Owner
Knowing the Shepherd
Knowing the Terrain
Knowing Where to Tinker
Knowing Your Purpose
Know Your Objective
Ladder to Your Dreams
Lady of Grace, Dignity
Land of the Cherokees
Land of the Midnight Sun
Language of the Heart
Larger, Please
Lasorda's Baseball Wit
Laugh a Lot; It's Healthy
Laughter is Good Medicine
Law of the Garbage Truck
Laws of the Movies
Leader of the Moo Crew
Leaders Are Communicators
Leaders Do Draw Criticism
Leadership Qualifications
Lead from the Inside Out
Leading People
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaping from Airplanes
Leap of the Squirrel
Learning from a 98-year-old
Learning from Apollo 11
Learning from Don Quixote
Learning from Failure
Learning in the Treetops
Learning She's a Princess
Learning to Soar
Learning to Wait
Learn the Facts
Learn the Pace
Leaving a Legacy
Leaving a Mark
Legacy of a Senator
Legend of the Dogwood
Legend of the Hebrides Islands
Legend of the Quail
Lesson for Politicians
Lesson from a 6-Year-Old
Lesson from a Beggar
Lesson from a Bird
Lesson from a Kindergartener
Lesson from an Icehouse
Lesson from Mother Teresa
Lesson in a Garage
Lesson in Democracy
Lesson in Reality
Lesson of the Birds
Lesson of the Orange
Lessons for a Bride
Lessons for a Dishwasher
Lessons from John Wooden
Lessons from Life
Lessons from Noah
Lessons Gleaned from Life
Lessons of a Potter
Let a Cooler Head Prevail
Let God Guide You
Let Go of Self
Letter from MaryEllen
Letter from Zimbabwe
Letters on the Socks
Letters to God
Letter to a Grandson
Let the Bells Ring
Let the Past Be the Past
Lewis and Clark
Liberace's Greatest Disappointment
Life and Happiness
Life-Changing Encounter
Life-Changing Incident
Life-Changing Mercy
Life-Changing Occurence
Life-Changing Words
Life in Rural America
Life in the Fast Lane
Life is Like a Grindstone
Life Lessons for a Pitcher
Life on the High Wire
Life on the Lam
Life Out of Control
Lifting a Little Higher
Lifting the Calf
Lifting Up a Hod Carrier
Light Amidst Darkness
Lights in Philadelphia
Like Running a Business
Lim and LaRock Top Winners
Lincoln - Captain or Private
Lincoln's Beard
Lincoln's Love for Freedom
Lincoln's Unique Practice of Law
Lincoln's Wisdom
Linking the Rails
Linkletter and Kids
Lipstick on the Mirror
Listen to His Voice
Listen to the Coach
Listen to the Customer
Listen to the World
Listen Up
Little Boy's Prayer for Ice Cream
Little Girl Alone in Airport
Little Girl in a Library
Little Red Book
Little Things
Live Longer
Live Soulfully
Living Far Away
Living in Harmony
Living in the Presence
Living Sermons
Lonely Trail of the Gimper
Long and Extended Gifts
Longest Yard Sale
Look for Jelly Beans
Looking at Life
Looking at the Wall
Looking at Time
Looking Back from the Future
Looking for a Hot-Dog Stand
Looking for Signs on a Tree
Looking for the Music
Looking to the New Year
Look on the Positive Side
Look to Tomorrow
Look Within You
Lopata Leads Awards
Lord, Hear, Forgive and Heal Us
Losing the Leeches
Lost in an Icehouse
Lost in the Fog
Lost Love Sought
Lost on a Jet Ski
Loud Talk on a Cell Phone
Louis the Great
Love Adds the Chocolate
Love and Pet Me Now
Love, and Reactions
Love at the Petting Zoo
Love Beneath the Bricks
Love for God and Neighbors
Love from Beyond the Grave
Love Is the Reason Why
Love Makes a Difference
Love on the Right Side
Love so Amazing
Love That Amazes
Love that Stoops is Grace
Love the Crabgrass
Love, the Primary Need of Life
Love to Last a Lifetime
Loving and Serving God
Loving Beyond Ability
Loving Life
Loving Others First
Loving the Applause
Lt. Uhura's Mission
Lucy's Question for the Catcher
Lyrics that Stir the Soul
Magazines Removed
Maiden of the Night
Maintaining Integrity
Maintain Your Focus
Make Grateful Pumpkins
Make Me Like Joe
Make Way for Uncle Noname
Making a Difference
Making a Good Movie
Making a Rainbow
Making Change in the Plate
Making God Smile
Making Good on a Promise
Making Happiness a Reality
Making Hula Hoops
Making It Happen
Making It Right
Making the Best of It
Making the Dream Happen
Making the Ship Go
Making Those Sweet Pickles
Making Time for Prayer
Making Violins
Making Your Day Happy
Mama Giraffe's Teaching
Man Down the Street
Mandrell's Prayer for Healing
Man of Few Words
Man on a Mission
Man on the Bridge
Man on the Train
Man Saves 5, Loses Life
Man's Walk to Claim Land
Man Who Serves Unnoticed
Man with 2 Wedding Bands
Marching by a Prisoner
Marilyn Monroe
Marine with a Secret
Marks of a Servant
Marquee Messages
Marriage Proposals, and Gloves
Mascarenas Wins Top Award
Massaging the Lyrics
Mastering Our Fears
Mastering the Ski Slopes
Master of the Routine
Masterpiece on the Wall
Maximizing Talent
Mayor Caught Shoplifting
Measured Words
Measure of a Leader
Measuring Up
Meeting God Anywhere
Meeting the President
Meeting the Troops
Meet Two Heroes
Memorable Teachers
Memorial Day 2010
Memorial Day 2016
Memories of Military Service
Mending Broken Wings
Merchant of Death
Mercy on Molokai
Mercy Under Fire
Merging into Greatness
Message in a Dream
Message in Morse Code
Messages on a Tombstone
Messing Up the Compass
Michael Jordan's Comeback
Michael Jordan's Gift
Mikey Marched with the Band
Minding the Light
Mining for Gold
Miracle among the Cottonwoods
Miracle at the Brickyard
Miracle in the Ballpark
Miracle of a Kind Word
Miracle on 34th Street
Miracle on Mount Everest
Misery - and Comfort
Missing the Leeks and Onions
Missing the Message
Missing the Munchkin Part
Missing the Plate
Miss Jones' Tombstone
Miss Minnie Again
Misstep at Home Plate
Mister Rogers
Modeling Lincoln
Modeling Noah
Moment by the Lake
Money and Happiness
Montgomery Ward
Monuments of the Great
Monument to a Boll Weevil
Moody Artwork
Morality and Ethics
More Coins in the Hat
More Light
More Marquee Messages
More of God's Sayings
More on the Marquees
More than a Baby
More than Meets the Eye
More than Potential
More Than Shiny Rings
More to Celebrate
Morris Takes Top Honor
Moses Called in the Air Force
Motivating a Baseball Pitcher
Mountain-Moving Prayer
Mountains of Trash
Mount St. Helens
Moved from Tomb of the Unknowns
Moving Rapidly
Moving Toward Easter
Moving Waldo Around
Mowing the Field
Mr. Misconduct
Mrs. Roberts Turns 110
Mr Vickers and Baseball
Mules Named Willing and Able
Mule with a Hat
Music and Health
Music and Its Impact on Health
Music That Avoided Arrest
My Mother Taught Me
My, Oh My! These Smartphones
Name Not For Sale
National Day of Prayer
Navigating Life
Need a Recount
Neighbors on a Nazi Bus
Never Give Up
New Life in the Ashes
Newness Out of the Ashes
Newton and the Falling Apple
New Year's Around the World
New York Streets
Night Watch
Nike Advertising
No Better Hope than Heaven
No Better Violin
Nobody Is 'Just' Anything
No Greater Gift
No Heat - No Sweat
No Instant Heroes
No Less Beautiful
None Eager to Help
No One Knows.docx
No Ordinary Woman
No Peace in the Barn
No Present Under the Tree
Norma Zimmer's Trial
Noses High in the Air
No Strings Attached
No Suspenders, Please
No Swearing for Grant
Not a Swan but an Eagle
Not Easily Derailed
Note in a Tin Can
Notes of Encouragement
Not Everyone Stood
Not Good Enough
Nothing Gets By
Nothing Is Done
Not in a Sack
Not Much Thanksgiving
Not on This Runway
No to Playboy
Nuggets of Wisdom
Numbering Our Days
Number on the Caps
Nurses in the House
Obedient to the End
Obeying the Laws
Observations from a Soldier
Ochi Day in Greece
Off-color Jokes
Off Went the Hot Dog
Of Grasshoppers and Lady Bugs
Oh My, All These Laws
Oh, Those Mouth-Watering Peaches!
Oil Wells and Cattle
Older Americans Month
Old Faithful Slows but Grows
Old Man and the Bowl
Ol' Fluffy in the Dryer
O Little Town of Bethlehem
On a Hill in Malta
On an Ocean Liner
On a Snowy Sunday Morning
One Basket at a Time
One Bite at a Time
One Dollar
One Family
One Great Family
One Great Love Story
One of Those Days
One-Time Rewards
One to Depend On
One Year to Live
On Fire for Jesus
On Gloucester Street
On Hallowed Ground
Only 1 Photo in 50 Tries
Only 5, but a Hero
Only a CNA
Only Imagine
Only One Missionary
Only Worry If
On the Application
On the Right Track
On the River of Death
On the Way to the Andes
On This Day
Opening a Heart
Opie and Aunt Bee
Opportunity at Hand
Opposing Al Capone
Ordinary and Humble Princes
Origin of Christmas Cards
Origin of Smithsonian
Origins of Halloween
Orlando - and the Flag
Our 2006 Winners
Our 30th Anniversary
Our August 2010 Journey
Our August Journey
Our Award Winners
Our Beautiful World
Our DONs Are Here
Our Family Reunion
Our February Journey
Our Forest Family
Our Free Access
Our Grand Old Flag
Our Great Volunteers
Our Honored Secretary
Our Journey Class
Our June Journey
Our Load Limit
Our May Journey Class
Our New Journey Class
Our Nurses are Here
Our Obsession with Stuff
Our On-time God
Our Problem-Solving Apps
Our Problems with Waste
Our Rainbow Warrior
Our Rich Reward
Our Second Journey
Our Secretaries
Our Wacky Words
Out of an Ambush
Out of Hard Times, Fame
Out of the Fire
Out of the Hollers They Came
Out of the Mouth
Outrage over Bill of Rights
Outrunning Our Souls
Outsmarting the Game Warden
Outspoken Christian Athletes
Outstanding vs. Valuable
Over a Door at Harvard
Overcoming a Clubfoot
Overcoming a Quitter
Overcoming Blindness
Overcoming Fear
Overcoming Handicaps
Overcoming Obstacles
Overcoming Problems
Overcoming the Wall
Overcoming Wilma
Over Harvard Doors
Owl and the Quetzal
Oxygen to the Soul
Pack Up Your Troubles
Pain Behind the Laughter
Painting Your Own Portrait
Palm Bay is Born
Panic on Delta Flight 2353
Parable of the Spilled Coffee
Partnering With Edison
Part of the Gift
Passed By on a Busy Road
Passed by the Milkman
Passing It On
Passing the Baton
Passing the Exam
Passing the Lifeline
Passing the Pen
Passing the Story Along
Passion of the Patriots
Pass the Buckets
Pass the Trust Test
Past Is Past
Pastor, Excuse Us, Please
Path of a Boxer
Pay for the Eggs
Peace in the Valley
Peace in War Zones
Peace on the Battlefield
Peanuts and Sound Theology
Pearl Harbor - The After Story
Pearl Harbor - The After-Story
Pearls of Business Wisdom
Pebble in the Water
Pebbles in a Jug
Pebbles in Saddlebags
Pebbles in the Moneybag
Peeling an Orange
Peering into the Window
Penny on the Sidewalk
People of Habit
People of Honor
People Possessed
People Who Make You Great
Pepper and the Wishbone
Perry Top Winner
Persevering in the Job
Persistence in Prayer
Personality or Character
Personal Persistence
Perusing the Plaque
Philosophy on the Ice
Photographer of Celebrities
Pick 'Em Up, Lay 'Em Down
Picking a Novel from the Trash
Picking Up the Pieces
Picking Your Team
Pictures that Abide Brings
Pillars of Success
Pin on a Flight Attendant
Pitching Against Musial
Plane Turned Back
Plan for the Future
Plato or Proverbs
Player with His Pants Down
Playing Center Field
Playing Piano in an Empty Church
Playing to Win
Plea for an Enemy
Plowing and the Rock
Plucked from the Sea
Plucking the Goose
Poet and Peacemaker Before 13
Policeman Tickets Himself
Politically Correct
Pondering Terrorism Attacks
Positive Confrontation
Possibilities Unlimited
Post-Christmas Blahs
Post-Christmas Blues
Potato Chip Loyalty
Power and Praise in Remembering
Powerful Lighthouse Beams
Powerful Words
Power of Apology
Power of Forgiveness
Power to Forgive
Practice Patience
Practice What You Preach
Practicing Creativity
Practicing Responsibility
Praise in Front of Others
Praising the Lord
Prayer and Its Impact
Prayer at the Table
Prayer Before Battle
Prayer by the Bedside
Prayer for Coffee Cake
Prayer for the Nation
Prayer in Few Words
Prayer in the End Zone
Prayer of a Little Girl
Prayer of an Old Soldier
Prayer of a Supervisor
Prayers for a Cowboy
Prayers of Children
Pray for Obama
Praying for a Burglar
Praying for a Pair of Shoes
Praying for the Impossible
Praying in Captivity
Precious Child of God
Precious Time for a Son
Prediction for November 9
Preparing to Crash
President Told
Price Tags Galore
Pride Causes Ships' Collision
Priest by Day
Procrastination Week
Promise of a Slave
Prompted by a Feather
Prompting the Parrot
Proper Form
Protected by Angels
Protected for a Purpose
Proving the Parable
Psalm in a Nutshell
Pull, Buddy, Pull
Pulling the Load
Pulling the String
Pulling with the Crew
Pumping the Bellows
Purchasing Pencils
Pursued by a Truck
Pursuing a Star of Fame
Pursuing the Dream
Pursuing the 'Perfect Selfie'
Pushing and Shoving to Victory
Pushing Newton
Pushing the Log
Put First Things First
Put on a Platform
Put Out into the Deep
Putting on a Cowboys T-shirt
Putting on Airs
Putting on an Old Suit
Putting on the Batman Suit
Putting the Puzzle Together
Qualifying the Teacher
Qualities Wanted in a Job
Quest for Convenience
Quest for Success
Questions on the Beach
Quest of Mickey Mantle
Quiet Time in the Morning
Quit Worrying about That
Rafting Down the Colorado
Rallying for the Veterinarian
Ranking the Presidents
Reaching Forward
Reacting to a Crying Baby
Reacting to Criticism
Reacting to Rain
Reactions of 2 Farmers
Reading One
Reagan's America
Reagan's Forgiveness
Real Thanksgiving
Rearing an Orphan
Reasons to be Thankful
Reason to Shout
Rebuilding the Opera House
Reckless Lovers of Life
Recognizing Beauty
Recommended Gifts
Recording the Last Tape
Recovering from Failure
Red Face for the Priest
Red Kettles and Christmas
Red Planet
Refusing the Angel's Offer
Refusing to Accept Failure
Relationship is Key
Relationships and Health
Relationships Will Define You
Relax and Achieve
Relaxing the Bow
Remarkable Forgiveness
Remedy for a Cold
Remembering Daddy
Remembering Kim
Remembering September 11
Remembering the Past
Remembering You
Remember the Captain
Remember the Titanic
Reminder at a Stop Sign
Reminder in an Elevator
Removal from Arlington
Removing a Splinter
Repairers of Spirits
Repaying a Debt
Repaying the Favor
Requisite for Success
Rescue from Above
Rescue in a Burning House
Rescue in a Snowstorm
Rescue in the River
Rescuing Captain OGrady
Reselling the Lamb
Residing in God
Resolutions from Boeing
Responding to Needs
Responsibility of Leading
Restoring a Hot Rod
Result of a Fall in the Snow
Results of a Hit and Run
Returning the Diploma
Return to Bozeman
Reunion of Old Enemies
Reunion on the Battlefield
Revealing the Secret Ingredient
Rewards for Being Faithful
Reward Yourself
Reynolds Wins Support Award
Rhett and Scarlett
Rich and Reclusive
Riches beyond Wealth
Riches Untold for You
Riden Receives Honor
Riding a Dead Horse
Riding a Giant Roller Coaster
Riding for the Son
Riding in a Stagecoach
Riding on the Texas Giant
Riding with an Old Man
Righting a Wrong
Ringing Bells and Red Kettles
Ringing the Bell
Rip in a Spacesuit
Rise of the Red Cross
Rising to Greatness
Risk and Reward
Road Rage
Road Runner and the Coyote
Roadside Mercy
Roadside Rescue
Road to Friendship
Robin and the Arrows
Robinson Crusoe
Romping with Autumn
Roosevelt's Hearing Test
Roosters' Wake-Up Call
Roses for Mama
Roses for the Bus Rider
Roses on a Bus
Rotisserie Baseball
Rules for Happy Living
Runaway Wild Goats
Runner Comes in First and Last
Running in the Wrong Race
Running into Gunfire
Running the Race
Running Too Fast
Sacrifice in the Snow
Sacrificing a Kidney
Safe from the Storm
Safe in the Storm
Sailing on After Surrendering
Sailing With Columbus
Sailing without a Compass
Salesman Swept Out Door
Salute to Secretaries
Salute to Volunteers
Saluting the Gatekeepers
Sandal Prints on the Hearth
Sandhill Cranes
Saved by a Flat Tire
Saved by a Missing Finger
Saved by an Indian Woman
Saved by Prayer
Saved by the Bell
Saved from an Orphanage
Saved from Execution
Saved in the Fog
Saving a Life on the Road
Saving Another
Saving Jamestown
Saving the Children
Saving the Life of Another
Saving the Ship
Sawing with a Dull Blade
Saying Goodbye to Loved Ones
Scary Ride in the Park
School Day for Fruit Stand
Scoring for the Team
Scrambled Eggs
Screams from the Bushes
Scribbling in a New Book
Search for a Shirt
Search for Satisfaction
Search for the Baby
Search for the Christ Child
Search for the Mustard Seed
Searching for God
Searching for Grandeur
Searching for Happiness
Secretaries Honored
Secretary of the Day
Secret of the Egg Money
Secrets of Winning Baseball
Seeds Sown by Satan
Seeing - After 50 Years
Seeking a Mustard Seed
Seeking Clarity
Seeking in the Light
Seeking the Touchstone
Seek Reconciliation
See What Happens
Selling Newspapers
Selling the Farm
Selling Those Computers
Sending the Bug Letter
Sending the Sign
Seniors Getting It Done
Serendipitous Grace
Sermon for the Soloist
Sermon in the Aisle
Sermons in a Nutshell
Service to Be Applauded
Serving the Song
Serving Up Love
Set the Sails
Setting Appropriate Goals
Setting Willie Mays Straight
Seven Steps to Stagnation
Seven Wonders of the World
Sewing Parachutes
Shaking a Fist at Everest
Shall We Live Again
Shaping JCPenney
Shaping the Future
Sharing in Thankfulness
Sharing Love in Ecuador
Sharing the Game Plan
Sharing the Glory
Sharing the Gold
She Died Alone
She is 109 and Counting
She Is a Nurse
She Lived to Age 122
Sherlock and the Rose
She's an Optimist!
She Wanted Everything
She was Ima Hogg
She Was Wed 4 Times
She Wore an Orange Lei
She Wouldn't Let Harpo Rest
Shocked in a Supermarket
Shoe Box Record
Shoe Box Time
Shooting the Mule
Shortsighted Bishop
Should You
Show Business
Showing Absolute Loyalty
Showing Concern
Showing Up at the Wrong Funeral
Shrapnel on the Pillow
Shrinking Moral Vocabulary
Shula's Example
Shunning Certain Fame
Side by Side Leadership
Signals on the Sea
Sign in a Small Town
Signposts Taken Down
Signs from the Stadium
Signs of Love
Signs of Spring
Signs of the Time
Signs of the Times
Silence the Hornblower
Silencing Critics
Silly Putty
Sing a New Song
Sinking of the Arizona
Sins Buried in the Sea
Six Important Tasks
Six Mistakes of Man
Sketch of a Good Leader
Skipping Pebbles on the Lake
Skyscraper Scarves
Slain for Helping Another
Sleeping as the Wind Blows
Sleeping Like a Log
Sleep in Heavenly Peace
Slow Down or Hit the Sofa
Small Prices to Pay
Smashing the Buoys
Smiles Galore at Gaylord
Smiles Through Tears
Sniper Stopped by a Song
Snowing in Cleveland
So Far from Want
Softball Players Help Opponent
Solution for the Cowboy
Solution to Our Problems
Solution to the Pop Tart
Solving Hot-Rivet Syndrome
Some Bad Predictions
Some Beauty Tips
Some Common Sense
Some Facts about Christmas
Some Folks You Know
Some Gloves for Harry
Some Hairy Headlines
Some Humor in Church
Some Ideas for Lovers
Some Illumination
Some Lessons in Math
Some Love Letters
Some New Commandments
Someone Has Your Back
Someone Holding Out
Someone Is Looking
Some Questions to Ponder
Some Quiet Time
Some Quiet Times
Some Real Causes for Worry
Some Rules to Consider
Some Simple Wisdom
Some Strange Festivals
Some Strong Men
Something Big
Something for Everyone
Some Things You Can't Do in Church
Some Unfinished Business for You
Some 'Whoops' Moments
Some Wit and Wisdom
Songs in the Heart
Songs in the Night
Songs of Deliverance
Sons of Katie Elder
Sophie the Scrubwoman
Sounding the 'Still'
Sounding the Still
Sound in the Footlocker
Sounds in the Silence
Sounds of Happiness
Southern-Fried Speech
Sowing and Reaping
So You Made a Mistake
Sparky and the World Series
Sparky's Journey
Speaking About Others
Special Counselor to the Dying
Speed of the Years
Spending Time
Spilling the Water
Spilling Your Coffee
Spirit of America
Spiritual Places
Spotlight on Century Park
Spring Arrives Today
Spring Coming in
Springing to the Door
Spring Is Here
Springtime Wonder
Squandering a Fortune
Standing at an Intersection
Standing in the Need of Prayer
Standing on Holy Ground
Standing on the Promises
Standing Up at the Wrong Time
Stand Up Be Counted
Star-Gazing and Practicing
Star in the Window
Starting Over Again
Starting the Day Right
Starting with Nothing
Start of the Army
Startup of AP
State of Retardment
Staying in the Light
Staying in the Sunshine
Staying on the Right Path
Stay With It
Stealing Dreams
Stepping Up
Steps in the Snow
Sticking One's Neck Out
Still a Year to Be Thankful
Still, Small Voice
Stop and Think First
Stopped by a Policeman
Stopping a Train
Stopping the Wedding
St Patricks Day
St. Patricks Day
Straddling the Missouri
Strange Firefighters
Strange Laws, Indeed
Strawberries and Cream
Strength from the Struggle
Striking Out 5,113 Times
Struggle of a Butterfly
Struggles and Triumph
Struggling with an Alligator
Stuck in the Mud on the Ocean Floor
Study and Get Ready
Stumbling to Victory
Succeeding at Failure
Succeeding in Business
Success after 960 Tries
Success in the New Year
Success Made Simple
Sucked from a Plane
Summer Is Here
Summer Pushes Spring Aside
Summer's Delights
Summer Woos Us
Sunshine and Showers
Sunshine from Freddie the Janitor
Super Centenarians
Superman Saves a Family Home
Surgeon Gives Boy His Blood
Surgeon Operates on Himself
Surgery on a Submerged Sub
Surging With Emotion
Surprise behind the Portrait
Surprise in a Boston Hospital
Surprise in Heaven
Surprise of the Scarves
Surprise of the Search
Surrounded by Sharks
Survival of the Herefords
Surviving a 110-Foot Fall
Surviving in the Congo
Surviving Life
Survivor of Mutiny on the Bounty
Swapping the Sandwich
Swaying Skyscrapers
Sweeping a Classroom
Sweetening the Days
Sweet Land of Liberty
Swimsuits and Watermelons
Swinging at the Ball
Switching a Track
Tackling the Unexpected
Take a Bow Caregivers
Take a Dime and Earn a Million
Take Advantage of the Breaks
Take a Look in the Mirror
Take a Walk
Taking a Bullet
Taking a Reality Tour
Taking a Risk
Taking Calculated Risks
Taking on Big John
Taking Responsibility
Taking Something Literally
Taking the Flood Tide
Taking Up a Musket
Tale of the Stonecutter
Talked Away from the Ledge
Talking to God
Talking to the Heart
Tall Tree in the Forest
Taming a Lion
Teaching Einstein
Tears in a Chinese Orphanage
Tears on Miners
Tears on the Bus
Tears on the Train